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Italiano Grapes Discovery Pack

Italiano Grapes Discovery Pack

Invino Club

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Experience Italian grapes grown down-under with this interactive discovery pack! Each wine comes with an interactive tasting experience that you can play with friends!

2022 'Roko' Il Vagabondo Montepulciano by Delinquente
This Montepulciano vino was harvested from two different patches on the Bassham Family Organic vineyard. The earlier pick carried a lovely tart acidity and green energy, usually associated with whole bunch fermented wines, while the later pick gives palate weight and the deeper fruit character for drinkability.

2022 Jungle Jungle Dolcetto by Unico Zelo
Richly aromatic, bursting with vibrant juiciness, and unexpectedly well-structured, this wine packs a lot of flavour into a lean profile. It's perfect for any pizza sesh, and a brief 20-minute chill in the fridge won't hurt it one bit. It's unique, indeed, but above all, it's one of those reds that's nearly irresistible to set aside.

2016 Nebbiolo! by Payten Jones
You won't get this beauty anywhere else! 2016 Wightwick Nebbiolo, sourced from our good mate Simo who's left the path of winemaking to pursue his love of design and furniture making. And so it was, he bequeathed his Nebbiolo baby to us. Made from St Andrews / Panton Hill grapes, this is a great value example of this legendary Italian Varietal.

We've made this into a game!

We have turned this vino into interactive wine-tasting games for your and your friends.

  • Learn about this vino!
  • Try to guess the flavours and aromas!
  • Fun game activities for everyone.
  • Players score points to win!
  • Game duration: 45 - 60 minutes.
  • 2 - 8 players per bottle.

Learn more about Invino Club and its interactive games here.

What do I need to play?

You only need a tablet or laptop with a web browser to run the game.

Each player uses their phone to join and play!

Read our setup guide here.

What can I learn?

• What to pair with the wine?
• Identify the minerality
• How wines are made
• How to guess vintages
• How to find aromas
• How to find flavours

For extra fun, pour the vino 'blind' - that means secretly!


• 1-2 weeks to Victoria & NSW
• 2 weeks to everywhere else!

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  • Scan the QR for your wine experience.

    You'll get an access code for a gamified experience designed for this vino.

  • Use a tablet or laptop.

    Open the game website on any tablet or laptop browser. Enter your access code.

  • Everyone joins with their phones!

    Your friends use their phones to join and play. Extra points for decent banter!

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Customer Reviews

"As someone who's always felt a bit intimidated by wine, Invino has been a game-changer. It's like wine without the airs and graces. The mystery bottles are a fun surprise, and it's the first wine club where I feel like I'm genuinely discovering new things about wine."

- Invino Club Member


"Invino feels like a relaxed evening with friends, but with exceptional wine. The mystery wine game creates a sense of adventure, like we're all about to uncover it together. It's all about enjoying the experience, and I've found some real gems worth adding to the cellar!"

- Invino Premiere Member


"I'm a wine lover at heart, and for myself Invino changes everything. The mystery wine this month transported me to a new region. It is truly authentic wine discovery, and my friends love that Invino doesn't take itself too seriously."

- Invino Club Member

Wrap it up for more fun!

Invino Club takes it to the next-level by wrapping up the bottle. Keen for more mystery and surprise? Can you guess the wine? Check out our wine club.

Learn more!

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