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Invino Gift Card

Invino Gift Card

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  • Easy to host & play!
  • Don't love it? We refund it.
  • Premium wines inside.

Do you know someone who's a bit into the vino? Give the gift of mystery, surprise, and great wine with this gift card!

We'll send a printable gift certificate and a nice explainer brochure immediately via email upon purchase.

Our gift certificates can be used on the Invino Club website to purchase any of our subscriptions or one-time try products.


What's included?

  • Mystery wines, wrapped up.
  • Printable gift certificate & brochure.
  • Unique blind-tasting games.
  • Helpful explainer cards.
  • Fun game activities for everyone.
  • Game duration: 45 - 60 minutes.

What can I learn?

• What to pair with the wine?
• Identify wine grapes!
• How wines are made
• How to guess vintages
• How to find aromas

How do I host the game?

• Scan the bottle QR code for the game and present it on a big screen!
• TV streaming not an option? Just host the game on a tablet or laptop device!
• A game lobby screen will appear.
• Your friends to join the game by scanning the game QR with their phones.
• Everyone selects a name and an Emoji avatar!
• The game will start automatically, everyone plays for fun (or to win)!

Will my friends like it?

Yes! Invino is designed to be fun for wine lovers from all walks of life.

Invino is not about being the best wine taster.

It is about engaging with wines and friends while learning some things along the way.

If your friends don't love it, we'll give your money back. How bad can it be? ;)

Subscriber perks!

  • Our subscribers get up to 20% discounts on all wines in our store.
  • Get exclusive access to our wine bar experiences. Enjoy mystery wine by the glass at your favourite wine bars!
  • You'll also get access to unique Invino wrapped mystery wine bottles at our partner wineries.

Invino subscribers can enjoy real-world vino perks that go far beyond your coffee table. We do more than land on your front porch. That's a proper wine club!


• We pack and send subscriptions around the 15th of each month!
• 2-5 business days to Victoria & NSW
• 3-7 business days to everywhere else!

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  • We send you a mystery wine bottle.

    You get a wrapped-up wine bottle with a QR code. Don't unwrap that vino!

  • You get your friends together!

    We've designed an interactive wine game that makes vino fun for everyone!

  • Host the game on a screen, pour a glass.

    Play the game with friends or challenge yourself solo!

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Learn about wine, have fun!

Invino is an interactive social experience built by sofa-somms! Invite your friends over, pour a glass and enjoy learning about wine together.

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Customer Reviews

"As someone who's always felt a bit intimidated by wine, Invino has been a game-changer. It's like wine without the airs and graces. The mystery bottles are a fun surprise, and it's the first wine club where I feel like I'm genuinely discovering new things about wine."

- Invino Club Member


"Invino feels like a relaxed evening with friends, but with exceptional wine. The mystery wine game creates a sense of adventure, like we're all about to uncover it together. It's all about enjoying the experience, and I've found some real gems worth adding to the cellar!"

- Invino Premiere Member


"I'm a wine lover at heart, and for myself Invino changes everything. The mystery wine this month transported me to a new region. It is truly authentic wine discovery, and my friends love that Invino doesn't take itself too seriously."

- Invino Club Member

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