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Customer Reviews

"As someone who's always felt a bit intimidated by wine, Invino has been a game-changer. It's like wine without the airs and graces. The mystery bottles are a fun surprise, and it's the first wine club where I feel like I'm genuinely discovering new things about wine."

- Invino Club Member


"Invino feels like a relaxed evening with friends, but with exceptional wine. The mystery wine game creates a sense of adventure, like we're all about to uncover it together. It's all about enjoying the experience, and I've found some real gems worth adding to the cellar!"

- Invino Premiere Member


"I'm a wine lover at heart, and for myself Invino changes everything. The mystery wine this month transported me to a new region. It is truly authentic wine discovery, and my friends love that Invino doesn't take itself too seriously."

- Invino Club Member