Invino makes learning about wine fun!

Invino is designed and run by a team of sofa-somms who think wine is too serious.

Our wine club takes great wines, wraps them up, and creates an interactive experience that's fun, social, and engaging.

We're deleting the jargon, removing the judgement, and annihilating the seriousness from the world of wine.

    In a nutshell...

    We make interactive wine experiences!

    We're helping wine lovers and their friends engage with vino - jargon removed. Invino runs on a web browser, and everyone uses mobiles to play.

    Oh, and...

    We've hidden the labels for more fun!

    You'll be trying to guess the vino through interactive activities and games. This is how the pro's have fun with wine! We've just made it much more fun, and way less serious.

    In summary...

    Learn how to engage with wine.

    All that matters is your experience of what's in the glass. Being a buff isn't the goal! After you've played Invino, you'll engage more deeply with the world of wine in your own way.

    Watch the video!

    Mystery wine?

    It’s the discovery, the surprise and the mystery that makes a great glass of vino magical. 

    That’s why we wrap up the bottles!

    We’re going to help you and your mates experience wine beyond the obvious.

    Invino Memberships