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10 Paths to Explore the World of Wine - WSET to Invino Club

Embarking on a journey to learn about wine opens up a world of options beyond traditional courses. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 diverse paths to wine education, including the interactive experience offered by Invino Club. Whether you're looking for a formal education, a casual exploration, or an engaging mix of both, we've curated a list to suit every palate.

1. WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust): Formal Courses

Overview: WSET courses are globally recognized, offering a structured and comprehensive understanding of wine. From Foundation to Diploma levels, these courses cater to those pursuing a professional career in the wine industry.

Learning Experience:

  • Formal classes with certified educators.
  • In-depth study materials and textbooks.
  • Rigorous exams to assess knowledge.

Comparison with Invino Club: While WSET provides a formal and structured approach, Invino Club offers a more relaxed and engaging alternative.

2. Invino Club: Where Education Meets Entertainment

Overview: Invino Club takes a unique and interactive approach to wine exploration. Subscribers receive mystery wines monthly, accompanied by interactive games that turn learning into a social and entertaining experience.

Learning Experience:

  • Monthly mystery wines with accompanying games.
  • No formal exams; learning through fun activities.
  • Engaging community of wine enthusiasts.

Comparison with WSET: Invino Club offers a more casual and cost-effective alternative, emphasizing enjoyment and community.

3. Local Wine Tastings and Events

Overview: Attend local wine tastings and events organized by wine shops, vineyards, or community groups. These provide hands-on experience and a chance to interact with experts.

Learning Experience:

  • Tasting a variety of wines.
  • Expert-led discussions.
  • Networking with fellow enthusiasts.

4. Online Wine Courses

Overview: Explore online platforms offering wine courses, such as Coursera, Udemy, or MasterClass. These courses cover a range of topics, from the basics to more advanced levels.

Learning Experience:

  • Flexible learning schedules.
  • Video lessons and interactive content.
  • Varied course durations and levels.

5. Wine Appreciation Clubs

Overview: Join a local wine appreciation club or online community where members share knowledge, experiences, and recommendations.

Learning Experience:

  • Group discussions and tastings.
  • Access to diverse perspectives.
  • Community events and gatherings.

6. Wine Books and Literature

Overview: Immerse yourself in wine literature, from beginner-friendly guides to in-depth books on specific regions or varieties.

Learning Experience:

  • Self-paced learning.
  • In-depth exploration of specific topics.
  • Building a personal wine library.

7. Sommelier-Led Workshops

Overview: Participate in workshops led by certified sommeliers. These hands-on experiences often cover specific themes or regions.

Learning Experience:

  • Expert guidance.
  • Tasting techniques and food pairings.
  • Practical insights from industry professionals.

8. Vineyard Tours and Wine Trails

Overview: Embark on vineyard tours or explore wine trails in your region. This immersive experience provides insights into the winemaking process.

Learning Experience:

  • Field trips to vineyards and wineries.
  • Conversations with winemakers.
  • Understanding terroir and production.

9. Wine Apps and Tasting Note Platforms

Overview: Explore wine apps and platforms that offer tasting notes, educational content, and virtual tastings.

Learning Experience:

  • Interactive app features.
  • Virtual tastings and events.
  • User-generated content and reviews.

10. Culinary School Wine Courses

Overview: Consider enrolling in wine courses offered by culinary schools. These courses often integrate wine education with culinary arts.

Learning Experience:

  • Pairing wine with food.
  • Hands-on culinary experiences.
  • Comprehensive wine and gastronomy education.


With a plethora of options, discovering the world of wine is a personalized journey. Whether you choose formal education, interactive experiences like Invino Club, or a combination of diverse paths, the key is to enjoy the process. Cheers to savoring the secrets of the vine in a way that suits your unique taste and preferences!

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