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Wine and Games: Next-level Vino Fun with Invino Club

At Invino Club, we're all about combining wine and games to kick your social gatherings up a notch. No fluff—just straightforward fun and learning. Let's dive into the practical world where wine meets games, making your hangouts a blast that's both enjoyable and informative.

The Invino Club Experience:

Invino Club isn't just about wine; it's a social experience. Every month, our curated mystery wines get paired with interactive games that start right in your living room. It kicks off with a mystery bottle of vino, sparking curiosity for a night of exploration.

Wine Games, Unleashed:

Your friends join and play with smartphones, then everyone dives into wine-themed activities and challenges that delight, entertain and educate. From guessing the wine's origin to figuring out its flavors, our games turn learning about wine into a chill experience. Think wine course minus the textbooks and high prices.

Fun with Friends:

Our games aren't just about challenging your taste buds—they're also about bonding. Friends join in, answering questions and doing activities related to wine. It's a mix of friendly competition and teamwork, creating an atmosphere of laughter and learning.

Educational Entertainment:

While the games are a good time, they're also a gateway to wine education. You'll pick up knowledge about different wine regions, grape varieties, and tasting nuances—all while hanging out with friends and uncovering the mystery of what's in the bottle.

Next-level Wine Club

Invino Club subscribers get a 20% discount on all wines in our store. It's a solid deal—enjoy the interactive games with mystery wines, then explore our store for more curated selections to level up your wine game.

So, why settle for the usual when you can step up your socializing with the perfect combo of wine and games? Join Invino Club, where every bottle brings a mystery, and every game unlocks a new layer of the wine world. It's not just about what's in the glass; it's about the journey of discovery and the joy of sharing it with friends. Cheers to wine, games, and the awesome moments they create!

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